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  • Yahoo Posts Higher Sales, Earnings - Yahoo reported a slight increase in revenue, helped in part by its growing mobile business, easing for now the pressure on CEO Marissa Mayer.
  • Apple's iCloud Is Under Attack in China - Apple’s iCloud service for users in mainland China has been hit by an attack that could allow perpetrators to intercept and see usernames, passwords and other personal data, activists and security analysts said.
  • iPad Air 2 Review: The Best Tablet Needs to Work Harder - The iPad Air 2’s quality screen and build make it the best tablet you can buy, but it needs to go beyond one-app-at-a-time functionality, writes Joanna Stern.
  • GOP Works to Improve Targeting of Voters - The Republican National Committee hired a tech guru to develop a unified information hub but will face the midterm election with the goal not yet met.
  • Target Offers Free Holiday Shipping - Free shipping offer for Web purchases is part of Target’s effort to compete with Amazon.com and Wal-Mart Stores and bounce back from a disastrous 2012 holiday season.
  • Verizon Adds Users as Rivals Lurk - Verizon said it has its largest slug ever of iPhone customers coming off contract this holiday season—as many as 3.1 million—giving rivals a big opening to poach customers from the nation’s largest carrier.
  • GT Advanced, Apple in Deal for 'Amicable' Split-Up - GT Advanced Technologies has signed a pact with Apple Inc. for an “amicable parting of the ways,” Luc Despins, attorney for the bankrupt supplier to the technology giant, said Tuesday.
  • Retina iMac Review: A Screen to Make Desktops Relevant - Personal Technology: The new iMac’s 5K display is the best, clearest window on your digital world that you can buy, Geoffrey A. Fowler writes.
  • Q&A: Marissa Mayer on Yahoo’s Mobile Future - In a rare earnings-day press interview, Mayer was reflective about the progress she’s made in her first two years and shared details about the role of mobile in Yahoo’s future.
  • Bracket Aims to Tame the Cloud - Cloud computing seems all the rage, but many companies shy away from it.
  • Yahoo Reveals Mobile Sales for First Time: $200 Million, 17% of Total - Yahoo is finally turning mobile apps into a moneymaking business.
  • Yahoo’s Alibaba IPO Riches: $6.3 Billion - Yahoo's official haul from the Alibaba IPO: $6.3 billion. Now the question is what it will do with all that money.
  • Google Battles Alleged Pirates - Google is rolling out refinements to its search algorithm designed to demote links to sites featuring content that allegedly infringes on copyrights.
  • FTC Names Security Researcher Askhan Soltani as Its Chief Technologist - The Federal Trade Commission appointed security researcher and consultant Ashkan Soltani to serve as the agency's next Chief Technologist, starting in November.
  • Yahoo Earnings: What to Watch - Yahoo, facing pressure from activist investor Starboard Value, is expected to discuss how the company plans to use its proceeds from the Alibaba IPO when it reports earnings Tuesday.
  • Google Leads $542 Million Deal in Secretive Startup Magic Leap - In one of the largest venture-capital deals on record, Google is leading an investment of $542 million in the secretive visual-display start-up Magic Leap.
  • Sony Looking to Cut Smartphone Sales Target Again - The Japanese electronics giant is considering slashing its smartphone sales target again, as the business struggles against competition, especially in emerging markets.
  • NSA Clears Samsung Devices - Samsung said the NSA approved some of its mobile devices for use by government officials to carry classified information, a positive step for the smartphone maker’s struggling mobile division.
  • VMware Profit Falls 26% - said its third-quarter earnings fell 26% as the computer-server software pioneer was hurt by higher expenses, including charges related to its recent acquisition of Airwatch.
  • New Wave of Startups in Korea - Inspired by the success of Daum Kakao, a growing circle of Korean startup founders are selling their companies and reinvesting their wealth in a new wave of young firms.
  • Broadcom Swings to Profit - Broadcom swung to a profit in the third quarter, driven by growth in its broadband and connectivity business and cost-cutting as it moves to close its cellular-chip business.
  • Chip Designer ARM's Profit Rises - British semiconductor designer ARM Holdings reported a sharp rise in third-quarter profit, but the results disappointed investors expecting a more robust rebound in revenue.
  • Xiaomi May Make Cellphones in India - Xiaomi, China’s best-selling cellphone maker, is thinking of manufacturing its handsets in India.
  • Michigan Governor Signs Anti-Tesla Bill - Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed a measure Tuesday that blocks Tesla Motors Inc. from selling cars directly to consumers in the state, siding with auto dealers and General Motors Co.
  • IBM Faces Another Overhaul - IBM, two decades after successfully shifting its emphasis to software and computer services from hardware, is showing signs of needing another overhaul.
  • How Big Data Is Tracking City Life - Researchers are bringing big data into the public sphere, aiming to improve quality of life, save money, and understand cities in ways that weren’t possible only a few years ago.
  • IPhone 6 Recharges Apple's Growth - Apple said its quarterly profit rose 13%, and it predicted record holiday sales, as strong demand for its new larger-screen iPhones helped to overcome sluggish iPad sales.
  • Virtual Reality Therapy Shows New Benefits - A treatment for war veterans with PTSD now also helps sexual-assault and car-crash survivors. The videogame-like technique forces people to confront hard emotions.
  • Staples Warns of Possible Data Breach - Staples may be the latest retailer to be hacked, as the office-supply chain said it is investigating a possible card data breach.
  • Facebook Sues Lawyers for Allegedly Contributing to Fraud - Facebook and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg filed suit against several attorneys Monday, claiming they helped perpetuate a fraud against the social network and its founder.
  • Humanity's Last Great Hope: Venture Capitalists - Tech entrepreneur Bryan Johnson says he plans a $100-million fund that will invest in “crazy” projects that aim to build a better world. With government R&D spending stagnant, more VCs should step up on philanthropic innovation.
  • Andreessen to Leave eBay Board - Marc Andreessen is stepping down from eBay’s board. The venture capitalist’s various board seats had been criticized by eBay investor Carl Icahn.
  • Japanese Electronics Get Lift From China - China’s smartphone boom is being fueled by Japanese parts makers, a rare bright spot in Japan’s gloomy electronics industry.
  • First Impressions of the iPad Air 2 - Personal Technology: Apple’s new iPad Air looks very similar to the old one, says Geoffrey A. Fowler. But it’s thinner, lighter and has improvements that matter.
  • Review: Mac OS X Yosemite - With the release of the Mac’s free OS X Yosemite update, Apple is finally getting its devices to behave like a real, happy family—a family that not only talks to each other but even looks very much alike, Joanna Stern writes.
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