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  • FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules - The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to regulate Internet service like a public utility, expanding the U.S. government’s oversight of a once lightly regulated business.
  • Amazon's Twitch Site Bets on Poker - Amazon’s streaming videogame-streaming site Twitch has begun broadcasting online poker games with players fielding questions from viewers and talking through their strategy in real time.
  • Shutterfly Faces Proxy Fight - Hedge fund Marathon Partners plans to nominate three directors to the board of online photo service Shutterfly, citing concerns about acquisition strategy and compensation.
  • IBM Pumps $4 Billion Into Cloud, Mobile Initiatives - IBM plans to shift $4 billion in 2015 spending to what it calls the “strategic imperatives” of cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security technologies.
  • YouTube: 1 Billion Viewers, No Profit - YouTube accounted for about 6% of Google’s overall sales last year, but the video website doesn’t produce a profit—despite a billion monthly users.
  • A Billion-Dollar Startup: Gear for Serious Gamers - The WSJ’s Billion Dollar Startup Club has identified 73 private companies that have been valued at $1 billion or more by venture capitalists. Here are two members of the club. Explore the full list at wsj.com/billionclub.
  • Kleiner Perkins Discrimination Case Turns to Money - The Ellen Pao discrimination trial turned from sex to money Thursday, and got right at the heart of the case: Why are nearly all the partners who make the big money at the legendary Silicon Valley venture-capital firm men?
  • When Drones Aren’t Enough, Amazon Envisions Trucks with 3D Printers - Amazon.com has filed patent applications for delivery trucks with 3D printers.
  • Apple Plans ‘Special Event’ on March 9, Likely for Smartwatch - Apple said it will hold a “special event” for March 9 that is likely to be a coming-out party for Apple Watch. Apple has said the watch will go on sale in April.
  • Google, Reaching for Revenue, Will Allow Search Ads in Play Store - Google said it will begin allowing developers to pay to promote their apps in its Play store, a move that could generate significant revenue.
  • Amazon Brings In Ex-White House Spokesman Jay Carney - Amazon is bringing in former White House press secretary Jay Carney to head up its public relations and public policy, potentially giving the e-commerce giant added heft in Washington.
  • Google, Apple Talk Up Jobs, Investment in Europe - US tech giants Google and Apple both played up their respective companies’ job creation achievements in Europe this week, as pressure to curtail their dominance on the Continent mounts from legislators and competitors.
  • What Is Apple Looking for in Israel? Chip Design - Apple's CEO Tim Cook visited the company's new R&D center north of Tel Aviv. Together with its other center in Haifa, in northern Israel, Apple's Israeli R&D operations are the company's second largest research and development hub outside of the US. Their focus: chip design.
  • YouTube Star Ryan Higa’s ‘Accidental’ Fame - Comedian and Internet celebrity Ryan Higa has more than 13 million subscribers on YouTube, 2 more million than singer Taylor Swift.
  • Q&A: KakaoTalk CEO On Privacy, Expansion and Mobile Payments - KakaoTalk is ubiquitous in South Korea, one of the world’s most wired nations in the world. But outside the country, it’s still an unknown brand.
  • Cyberattack Takes Down Lenovo Website - Lenovo’s technological woes are continuing. The personal-computer maker said a cyberattack had taken down its website on Thursday, a week after the company apologized for preloading software on some of its laptops that made customers more vulnerable to hacking.
  • Former Kleiner Partner Denies Purposely Excluding Women at Events - A former partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers who testified Wednesday in a high-stakes gender-discrimination case acknowledged organizing events attended only by males but denied deliberately excluding women.
  • What It's Like Doing Business in Iran - A startup scene is popping up in Iran’s capital city, part of a nascent technology scene developing amid—and some say because of—international sanctions and censorship laws keeping Western firms away.
  • Invasion of the Friendly Movie Robots - ‘Chappie’ and ‘Ex Machina’ will explore artificial intelligence in the coming weeks, with more movies to follow.
  • Resale Prices Tumble on Electric Cars - With gasoline prices down 33% from a year ago and buyers cooling toward electric vehicles, Nissan dealers worry that weak demand for used electric Leaf cars will put a flood of used models on the market.
  • FCC Votes to Allow Municipal Broadband - The Federal Communications Commission will allow some cities and towns to set up and expand municipal Internet services, overruling state laws that had been put in place to block such efforts.
  • Google Revamps European Unit - Internet search firm Google pulled its European operations under a single executive in what it said was to better align itself with large customers and develop more unified responses to rising regulatory pressure.
  • ARM's Chip Business Heads Beyond Phones - Chip designer ARM is seeking to diversify its business beyond smartphones, with moves into the market for so-called connected devices and the server segment.
  • German Consumer Group Warns Facebook Over Data Protection - Germany’s main consumer protection group has sent a warning to Facebook demanding it change its terms of service or face a lawsuit over data protection and other issues.
  • Apple Throws Wrench Into Nasdaq's Gearbox - The Nasdaq Composite Index’s longest winning streak in more than five years ended with a whimper at the hands of a surprising culprit: a pullback in the world’s most valuable company.
  • Barnes & Noble to Keep Nook Business - Barnes & Noble said Thursday that it plans to spin off its college bookstore unit from its retail and Nook operations, scrapping a plan to spin off its struggling e-book business.
  • Gemalto Denies Major Data Theft - Gemalto said U.S. and British intelligence services could be responsible for a “sophisticated intrusion” of its networks, but denied that the alleged hack could have widely compromised its chip encryption.
  • Samsung to Freeze Salaries - Samsung Electronics said Thursday it will freeze its employees’ salaries this year as part of an effort to cut costs amid shrinking profits.
  • Mobile Chat Service KakaoTalk's Growing Pains - KakaoTalk, the maker of South Korea’s ubiquitous mobile chat service is running into growing pains, underscoring the difficulty of turning a dominant position in mobile messaging into a profitable business.
  • Patients Control Bionic Hands With Mind - In a new study in the journal Lancet, three men who completely lost the use of their hands because of devastating nerve damage were fitted with robotic hands they can control with their thoughts.
  • Uber and Lyft Won't Share Investors - Drivers and passengers can freely switch between Uber and Lyft, but investors thinking about backing either car-hailing app must pick a side and stick to it.
  • EU Wants New Web-Privacy Standard - European policy makers feel crowded out by U.S. Internet companies and are proposing a plan to give themselves a larger role.
  • Xiaomi Mi Note Review: The Best Smartphone You Can't Buy in America - Tech Review: The low-priced Xiaomi Mi Note phablet may not be in the U.S. yet, but Apple and Samsung had better pay attention, Geoffrey A. Fowler says.
  • Kill the Wireless Contract! Buy Your Own Phone - It’s now surprisingly easy to live a fruitful mobile life, free of carrier contracts, thanks to unlocked phones, writes columnist Joanna Stern.
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