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For businesses with complex technology requirements.


Centralize, automate, and manage your vital IT assets

The benefits of ITCS’s Hyperconvergence solutions include:

  • Simplified Management - Hyper-convergence leverages virtualization technology to place multiple data center management functions in a turnkey, easy-to-manage appliance.
  • Central Application Management - Just about any business application can be run from a hyper-converged environment, with some exceptions for certain high-performance applications. In most scenarios, however, a hyper-converged infrastructure can support the entire organization's critical applications from a single, centralized platform.
  • Business Agility - The goal for the ongoing infrastructure transformation is to improve operations so businesses can accelerate go-to-market strategies to better respond to the market’s evolutionary shifts. Hyper-convergence leverages virtualization and software-defined models to increase flexibility, scalability and agility which leads to greater profits.
  • Dell Certified Partner
  • Cisco Partner
  • Microsoft Silver Certified Partner
  • VMWare Partner

Hyperconvergence is a type of infrastructure system with a software-centric architecture that integrates computing, storage, networking and virtualization resources utilizing a common hardware physical box that can handle even the most demanding data-intensive workloads. With Hyperconvergence thru ITCS, our goal is to centralize and automate as many functions as possible, to keep your businesses systems running at peak performance.

Integrated Technology Corporate Solutions, Inc. starts by setting up a hyperconverged environment for your organization, and continuously provide ongoing management and maintenance of your work environment, so you can concentrate on other aspects of your businesses. Our IT solutions provide real-world return on investment and allow the business to increase its efficiency and profitability.

A hyperconverged system allows the integrated technologies to be managed as a single system through a common toolset.