Cloud Solutions

Easier access and better security for your data storage and computing power.

Cloud Computing

The cloud is capable of much more than just storage.

With our Cloud Computing services, you’ll have access to:

  • Cloud servers - for handling your data storage, email and web services.
  • Cutting-edge cloud backups - never worry about losing data again.
  • Datacenter IT professionals - say goodbye to worrying about your servers; a team of experienced professionals are in charge of keeping everything running behind the scenes.
  • Simplified compliance - meeting of the toughest data security standards on the market becomes a walk in the park when handled by professionals.
  • Dell Certified Partner
  • Cisco Partner
  • Microsoft Silver Certified Partner
  • VMWare Partner

Depending on your level of experience with cloud technology, you might only know it as a place to store files that can be accessed with any internet-enabled mobile device. In addition to more convenient data storage, the cloud can also be used to either help or totally replace your servers and the computing workloads your business needs.

Servers handle everything from management of your web and email services to processing data and analytics. No matter what kind of computing power you need, the ITCS can build it in the cloud.

Whether it’s digital storage or computing power, moving your infrastructure to the cloud means more uptime and healthier servers. Hardware maintenance, security patches and delivery optimization are all handled by certified professionals 24/7, and economies of scale mean you pay only for the storage and computing power you use.

The cloud is here to stay and it’s changing the way small- and medium-sized businesses access enterprise-level technology. If a large portion of your IT isn’t already in the cloud, it’s time to start looking at making the switch.

From workstations to servers, we can move the majority of your IT infrastructure into the cloud for simpler budgeting and more efficient resource acquisition.