On-Premises Solutions

Managed IT Services

The most inexpensive, simple way to rid your business of IT issues.

Benefits of our Managed IT Services include:

  • Improved IT performance through proactive monitoring and maintenance
  • Access to a team of certified technicians
  • Enhanced network speed, security and data accessibility
  • Lowered technology expenses with a flat-rate fee
  • 24/7 unlimited support
  • Dell Certified Partner
  • Cisco Partner
  • Microsoft Silver Certified Partner
  • VMWare Partner

A reactive approach to IT management is hardly efficient -- you wait for something to break, face inevitable and expensive downtime, and pay an IT guy to fix your issue. With Managed Integrated Technology Services from ITCS, we offer more than just advanced tech support. We proactively monitor, maintain, and optimize your business’ technology infrastructure to keep issues from surfacing in the first place.

Our team continuously monitors 24/7/365 to keep your business running smoothly. In rare occasions that issues do occur, our certified technicians will fix them immediately, remotely, and before you even know they exist. This way, downtime is kept to a minimum, your IT systems work together seamlessly, and best of all, extra support doesn’t cost extra money.

Keep your employees productive with top-performing technology that streamlines your operation and enhances collaboration.