Regulatory Compliance and Security Services

Safeguard your assets and avoid legal risks.

Helping you overcome the toughest security challenges

At ITCS, we believe that in today’s ever-connected world, securing your business is paramount. Not only here in South Florida, but where ever we are asked. With the continuous evolution of interconnectivity between devices and employees, the chance of cyberattacks are increasing in sophistication and frequency. If your company is caught unprepared, you won’t just suffer the huge financial losses of a data breach, you’ll also experience legal penalties that could give your organization a bad reputation.

To avoid this, Regulatory Compliance and Security services from Integrated Technology Corporate Solutions, Inc. is an absolute necessity. Our firm has searched high and low to assemble an experienced and certified team of security specialists ready to deal with any compliance challenges your company may face. Browse through our services to learn more.

Risk Assessment

Predict how much damage unchecked risks could cost your business.

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Penetration Testing

We simulate real-life attacks to identify and secure vulnerabilities well before a hacker exploits them.

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PCI Compliance

Ensure the safety of payment card data with top-notch auditing and security solutions.

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ISO Compliance

Demonstrate your company’s security capabilities by receiving a ISO 27001 certification.

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HIPAA Compliance

Meet complex medical data regulations and requirements with our endpoint, network, and data security offerings.

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Don’t let compliance and cyberattacks overwhelm you. ITCS has the services and solutions you need to survive.

Comprehensive services to keep you compliant and secure

By installing a hardened cybersecurity system built by ITCS, you can avoid the business-crippling costs of data breaches, downtime, and noncompliance.

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