Regulatory Compliance and Security Services

Safeguard your assets and avoid legal risks.

Risk Assessment

Get an accurate view of your company’s risk exposure.

Risk assessment services from ITCS provide:

  • Asset discovery - to identify critical systems, applications, and data that need to be secured.
  • Compliance accountability - we evaluate your data and current security controls to find out whether they are compliant with industry-specific regulations.
  • Vulnerability discovery - we assess the level of your security infrastructure, check for unpatched software, and look for signs of poor security habits.
  • Impact and likelihood assessment - we quantify the probability and potential losses of each risk, such as floods, power outages, and cyberattacks.
  • Dell Certified Partner
  • Cisco Partner
  • Microsoft Silver Certified Partner
  • VMWare Partner

Whether it be financial, reputational, security, or regulatory, risks to your business can come in various shapes and sizes. Usually to find out your specific business risks, you need comprehensive risk assessments. These evaluations serve as the foundation for your strategic approach to compliance and cybersecurity. At Integrated Technology Corporate Solutions, Inc., we pride ourselves on being experts in complex risk assessment.

We will analyze your company’s risks thoroughly and create custom solutions for your exact needs by developing a strategy that mitigates your vulnerability to existing and evolving threats. After our evaluations, ITCS will provide you with a written report, including priorities, security recommendations, and compliance advice to keep your business risk free.

Our findings will inform your security decisions and guide you through a worry-free risk management process.